We, Myanmar Wanbao, express our indignation and opposition over accusations upon us for the disposal of 3 depleted shrines within the mine lease area of the Letpadaung copper project.


The three depleted shrines are located within the mine lease area and very close to a road on which the mining trucks travel back and forth frequently. Considering the potential danger toward the people who worship the shrines, we proposed shifting the shrines to a safer place. For this purpose, we consulted, through the administrator of the Salingy Township government, with the owners of the shrines respectively. They agreed to our proposal and signed up for the agreement. Based on this, we paid the owners for the expense to be incurred in shifting the shrines. Supervised and coordinated by the Salingy Township government, the shifting work completed in February, 2016. The new shrines have already received local people to worship after an opening ceremony in line with local customs. At the same time, we also reported our shifting proposal to the regional and local governments and they did not object our plan. Therefore, the shifting of the shrines is legitimate and reasonable indeed. The owners of the shrines are from nearby Nyang Bin Kyi, Htan Daw Kyi and Kantaw New villages. However, a handful of people from Whet Hmay Old Village, who are actually not direct claimant to the shrines, jumped out and blamed us with the purpose of damaging our reputation.


Since we started construction and development of the Letpadaung copper project in 2012, we have been respecting the local culture and provide donations and various supports in this regard. The livelihood and spiritual wellbeing of local communities matter us largely, which we put at the heart of our business strategy. We keep communicating with local villagers and listen to their concerns in a bid to maintain a harmonious relationship with them. We, as foreign investors in Myanmar, sincerely hope the Letpadaung copper project will bring substantial benefits to local people, to the region and even the whole Myanmar. We are making every effort to this end.


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