Mobile Clinic Treats 110,000 Patients

We are proud that our mobile clinic team has had 110,000 treatments of the patients in the villages impacted by Monywar copper project.

The mobile clinic team, which is composed of doctors and nurses from Yangon  International Clinic and contracted by Myanmar Wanbao and Myanmae Yangtse, was set up in early 2013 for the purpose of providing medical services for the project affected villages which have little or no access to healthcare free of charge. The mobile clinic team treats 3,000 people per month. Myanmar Yang Tse's Mine Town Hospital has also provided a healthcare program to pregnant women and children under five years old within five miles for more than ten years free of charge. In the rainy season from July to September, the doctors will have health talk with villagers to popularize the knowledge of illness prevention.

As part of our efforts to promote the community and social development, in 2014, we donated a 16-bed community hospital by injecting 425 million kyats to increase medical services for the local people. The hospital was handed over to the local government and start operation in July 2014.