School building to benefit over 1,000 students

geng yi KG
MD Mr.Geng Yi's handover
We are very proud that more than 1,200 students will benefit from the CSD (Community and Social Development) projects that we have invested in educational sector last year as we have handed over two primary schools and two Kindergartens to local villages. This is part of our efforts to improve the educational environment for local people.

With balloons flying and people cheering, two primary schools with a total investment of 60 million Kyats by us were transferred to villagers of Taung Pa Lu and Htan Taw Gyi when ceremonies were held on February 25, 2014.Earlier, the newly-built Kindergartens in Wet Mhay-Kan Taw and Sae Tae-Zee Taw new villages were completed and transferred to local people.The investment in the kindergartens totals 13 million Kyats. 
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Kinder Garden built by Wanbao
We attach importance to Education as it is not just a way to escape poverty and it is a way of fighting it and ensuring it never comes back. No community has succeeded to overcome hardship without education. We strongly believe Education and learning empower people to transform their lives. While developing the Letpadaung project, we care about children in this area as they are Sagaing's and Myanmar's future generation.