After the Release of Our Kidnapped Colleagues...We Invite You to Come and See for Yourself the Real Situation on the Ground

Wanbao invites all media to see what we are doing in consultation with the villages to build a joint future together. We have been working very hard on this and have brought in top expertise to help us. We have achieved a lot in winning the trust of some of the villages over the last few months. We believe that this played an important part allowing speedy release of our two kidnapped colleagues. It was the villagers themselves who decided to take part in leading the negotiations to free our colleagues. We would like you to meet these and other people to get a fair and balanced view of the situation.


We care about the future of your community, and we, and our neighboring villagers, want to share more of what we are doing with you.

We were very heartened by the high volume of calls from villages worried that our relationship would be impacted by the kidnapping event. One of the first things we had to do was allay their fears, we explained to them that we understood that this was the action of an extremist activist group and not representative of our good neighbors.


All our neighbors, be they supporters of our work or sceptics, have witnessed our hard efforts and our proactive engagement and consultation with them. Only last week we started consultations with our surrounding villagers on our news skills4life programme which would help them further by providing training and support for them to start small businesses. We have in fact dedicated a whole commercial zone just for this effort. This process is a natural extension of the community consultation work we have been carrying out since summer 2013.


We are also making sure that all our staff, including our engineering staff engage with the local community. This is because we are changing our business model and placing community needs and social concerns right at its heart.

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The kidnappers were not only holding our colleagues hostage but the majority of the villagers who want to move forward with us in developing our futures hand in hand..


If you are interested contact us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it