Wanbao Mining Statement Regarding Amnesty International report titled “The Company Financing Human Rights Abuses in Myanmar”, dated September 2020.

Wanbao Mining has seen the Amnesty Report.
The respect of human rights is a core value of Wanbao Mining, and we carefully monitor any issues raised in the context of mining or within the countries that we operate.

Wanbao Mining is proud of the economic and social contribution we make in Myanmar and in our local community. We employ over 4000 employees,and create more than thousands of jobs by supporting SMEs and subcontractors. Our operations have created a thriving supply chain, have contributed to skills training and economic development, thereby impacting positively on the socioeconomic landscape of the country.
In Myanmar, our work in communities includes investments in health, education, economic development and environmental stewardship. Our mobile clinic and hospital to date have treated over 520,000 people who otherwise would not be able to afford decent healthcare. We believe that having access to decent healthcare is an essential human right, this is essential during Covid-19.

In addition, we have created a first of its kind Contribution Plan, seen as model for financial settlement in Myanmar and internationally. We are particularly proud of this achievement because it was designed in consultation with our local community.

We think that Wanbao Mining can be most successful in influencing positive change by developing relationships of mutual trust and respect with governments around the world where we operate, including Myanmar.
We will continue working to support the people of Myanmar and contributing to the success and growth of the country.