Press Statement

A group of 60 protesters came to the mine site on Friday the 6th of May, protesting against this project.
Myanmar Wanbao believes that peaceful dialogue is key to resolving all issues. This is especially true as peaceful dialogue and community consultations has led to the social acceptance of this project. We have overwhelming support for this project for a number of reasons, chief among them is the community consultations we have carried since late 2013 which have allowed us to forge wonderful relationships based on respect, understanding and openness with our community. This has allowed us to regain our social license; with 71% of land-lost villagers accepting our second subsidy and 83% among 35 villagers who were consulted accepting our contribution plan.We know that a very small minority are still opposing this project, despite attempts at numerous rounds of engagement with them which they have rejected. If they accepted our offers of real dialogue they would have learnt from us directly how we have followed the recommendations of the Investigation Commission and have applied them rigorously, in terms of land subsidies, contribution plan, environmental monitoring, job creation, and SME development. We are saddened that a small group of people see disruption and anger as a way to bring attention to their views. Myanmar Wanbao ratifies peaceful dialogue as the only way to achieve continued social harmony and sustainable development. We ask this small group of protesters, that even if they go against the wishes of the vast majority of the villagers, to do so peacefully. We encourage all parties to act responsibly and exercise restraint. This mine is one major Myanmar national project and all of us together are its custodians to help build Myanmar to achieve its full potential.
We believe in constructive engagement. As this is a national project, and one that is of importance to the development of this great country, we and the overwhelming majority of the people of our community share in the desire for this project to succeed and to go from strength to strength.