Over 1.2 Billion Paid for the Contributions

contributionSince Myanmar Wanbao commenced the contribution plan in July 2014, 764 impacted people in the Lepadaung project area have been paid the annual contributions, which has amounted to 1,231,569,140 kyats in total.


The contribution plan was created by Myanmar Wanbao to safeguard the livelihood and wellbeing of its community in the long term, even though it has met its legal requirements and has paid compensation and subsidies to the landholders in separate 3 times.


Since July 2014, the company, together with its Myanmar partners and supervised by the Myanmar government, has created an annual Contribution payment to all the land-lost villagers between USD70 and USD160 per month depending on the number of jobs they are entitled to have because of land loss. Land-lost villagers had originally been promised jobs by Myanmar Wanbao (the numbers of which were dependent on how much land was given to the project), however, due to the stoppages the company was unable to provide jobs through no fault of its own. So the contribution payment are given regular cash payments every 6 months until a job materializes. This ensures that the land-lost villagers have the peace of mind that their basic livelihoods needs are met whilst they wait for a job to materialize.


This was done through extensive consultations and with the participation of the villagers. It included unprecedented extensive door-to-door consultations for months. The majority of land-lost villagers have accepted the contribution plan.