Myanmar Wanbao Released CSR Report

Saturday, 25 July 2015

csr reportMyanmar Wanbao Launched massive community and social development projects in 2014 as part of its efforts to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities while developing the Letpadaung copper project in Monywar. We released our CSR report, which showcased what we have done in building harmonious relationship with communities, ensuring environmental protection and securing good work environment for our employees. Please see our CSR report as attached in PDF format.



In 2015, we still have a long list of things to do, and all of these tasks have one main aim: to help Myanmar and its people become happier and more prosperous. But how can a copper mining company achieve this, you might ask? The answer is by becoming an ever closer partner of the people of Myanmar, and those of Letpadaung in particular, as they seek to turn the gift of their resources into sustainable development. And now that our mine has started work, albeit after much delay, we can start making an even greater contribution to the people of Myanmar.


We have much to do to catch up, and 2015 will certainly be a very busy year. We are excited not only because we are going to do what we know best, which is mining, but also because our work will help us "do our bit" to empower our local community to realise its potential in even more effective ways. It is indeed a great honour for us to be able to play such a role. The government of Myanmar has set itself the noble target of inclusive development. We at Myanmar Wanbao fully subscribe to this. Our goal is to always do better! We shall be putting our investments and knowhow at the service of the people of Sagaing Region to help them turn the returns from their copper into jobs, small and medium enterprises, schools, hospitals and so much more. Our partnership with the people can only get stronger because we, as a company, from our engineers and miners, all the way to the boardroom, regard the trust of the people in us as our biggest asset. This is our company policy going forward and we want to be judged by that.