Attack on our colleagues on Main Road Near the Mine Site

1On the evening of 16th February 2015, our ferry bus was proceeding on the main road between Shwe Hlay and Toan. It was carrying Myanmar colleagues back to their homes in Se Te and Zee Taw New villages. At around 6:15pm, the bus was stopped by a group of about 30 unknown people on the main road. They threatened the passengers and the driver before beginning to attack the bus with stones shattering the windows. Such was the severity of the attack that two of our colleagues, the driver and an employee of the financial department sustained injuries from flying glass which needed medical attention. Soon afterwards, the attackers forced our colleagues out of the bus, of which they took control. Some people from Shwe Hlay eventually came to the rescue of our colleagues and took some of them to their homes on motorbikes. Others were forced to wait till replacement transportation was provided. One colleague was so shocked that he was scared of going home and spent the night at another place.

Only after the intervention of the U Zaw Myo, the governor of Yin Mar Bin township, did the attackers release the bus and disperse.2

We take the safety of our colleagues extremely seriously, and Myanmar Wanbao strongly condemns these senseless attacks on our colleagues. What upsets is that we have always felt very safe in Myanmar and continue to so, and this attack took place on a busy main road where it is normal not to expect such violence to take place. We know that the overwhelmingly majority of our neighbours in this lovely area of Myanmar are peace-loving and they share in our condemnation of this violence against our colleagues. Many people in the villages involved called yesterday to give us support and decry these terrible acts. We are heartened by this and are very touched by their words.  We have raised the matter with the relevant authorities. We thank the governor of Yin Mar Bin township for his intervention. Finally, we would like to express our deepest gratitude the kind individuals of Shwe Hlay who helped our colleague continue on their way home.