Update on Recent Situation

Yesterday, we lost a member of the extended Letpadaung family, Daw Khin Win .Our hearts and prayers are with her family.

After the tragic and sad news of yesterday, we understand that the situation is much calmer right now.

We are shocked to hear of accounts airing on social networks about Wanbao staff allegedly beating up villagers and carrying knives. And even stories that mention that we are using Chinese security guards. These stories are hurtful and totally untrue. If anything it has been Wanbao staff and contractors who have been at the receiving end of intimidation and beatings by activists and extremists as they carry out their work. These false statements only harm social peace in Letpadaung and demonstrate that there are people who are willing to exploit the tragic events of the last two days to harm the trust we and our community have built together.

We know that the majority villagers in this community, who have become our family and friends, have not participated in violent acts against Wanbao employees, on the contrary we know that our community deplores such actions, and that they deplore that outsiders and extremists are causing such disturbances and violence.

The commencement of construction, will allow Wanbao to continue maximising the developmental returns for the community and Myanmar as a whole.


We reiterate our belief that it is only through peaceful dialogue can peace and sustainable development be achieved.