Villagers to be consulted on ESIA

villagers see the ESIA
Myanmar Wanbao is committed to safeguarding the environment of our local community while developing the Letpadaung copper mine. Wanbao is therefore keen to consult local villagers on the impact of the project from both an environmental and social perspective through its ESIA for the project.

Knight Piesold, an Australia-based internationally renowned consultancy responsible for the compilation of the ESIA report for the Project, will commence public consultations on Friday, March 7, 2014 with 33 project-affected village on the ESIA. The meetings will last around 6 weeks.
The ESIA, which is still under review by a special review committee comprising of 39 specialists across the country, describes how the Project will affect the local people and where they live. These public consultation meetings with the villagers aim to let Knight Piésold hear the villagers' opinion so it can be included in the ESIA. Knight Piésold will also answer questions about the Project so that the villagers will understand how they will be affected and how the impact will be managed and mitigated. All the villagers will be given equal chance to raise their questions and concerns in the whole process.