"We must listen to the people's demands and feelings"

thefutureeng thumb1In response to the report of the Investigation Committee lead by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Mr Geng Yi, Managing director of Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited, accorded a joint interview to the Future Magazine of Myanmar and the Voice of American on August 16, 2013 in which he emphasized that "we must listen to the people's demands and feelings."


Excerpts from the interview:

Ronnie Nyein :
Mr. Gen Yi, why don't we start with the report of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi that led to the (investigation)commission? Because as other things have already happened, and everybody knew, everything is in the media, we don't want to go back to the past. According to her report, overall, their report's conclusion, what they said is, everything is fine as the project will profit the country and profit for the foreign investor. But the biggest and the only problem, the report found, is transparency.
Before, there was no transparency on what investors are doing, what the joint-venture MEHL (Myanmar Economic Holding Ltd) is doing. People cannot know, the public didn't know. It happened like that. That is one part of my interview with you. You also knew the report's conclusion, so how will you prepare and start to work to run your project regarding this transparency situation?
GengYi :
Yes, I understand your question very well. And also I think this is a good question. Frankly speaking, for the past, some difficulty, some misunderstandings, even some problems came out from this issue. But I'd also like to clarify that we are not doing nothing. According to my understanding transparency is directly related to communications. So we were doing communications. But I also admit that communication is worse, not enough. So, how should we go forward to make this transparency issue improve according to suggestions from the investigation report? It's also relying on communication. So, from the company point of view, we are enhancing communications at different levels.
Among all the communication activities, I believe, listening is critical. So now, or even before or during the investigation period and after that, and up to now, and also later on, we will try our best to listen to the needs and requests and demands and complaints and suffers from the community and from the public. We have to get along with each other. We have to get along with our community, our people harmoniously, which is the key to support our project to carry on in the long term, and also, on top of that, we have the bigger community, the public. Myanmar, and also we have different authorities to supervise us, like from the government authority, like for NGOs (Non- Government Organizations) like from civil society.
So from different levels, starting from the community level, we'd like to enhance and improve our communications. The first step is listening. Then we carry on every step of our project to listen to the people's understandings an their requests. In response to their request, we can fulfill and also we believe we can help our community to develop together with us. We both will have a better future through the communication.


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