ESIA Report in Myanmar Translation

Mining Operations have normal characteristics of changes on Landscapes, Environmental and Social Impacts and Community Health, but the valuable benefits of natural resources to its country is reliable, workable , sustainable and to have a sense of well-being to the people with a well-planned structure.


Letpaduang Copper Mine Project has been assessed and prepared by Knight Pie'sold of Australia, an international consulting organization on both advantages and disadvantages of the Project in the Construction, Operation and Closure Phases.


So you are warmly welcome to have a glimpse and perusal on " The Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Report " posted on our website with an aspect of collaboration to the achievement and improvement of our country, Myanmar.


Some words on the usage of Myanmar Language (Translation of ESIA Report) may be misunderstand , if any controversial occurs, please regard the original English version to be confirmed.

Please download the attachment of ESIA Report in Myanmar.

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