European Times Magazine's Interview Description

Excerpts from the interview of Mr Geng Yi, Managing Director of Myanmar Wanbao and Chairman of Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Mining by the European Times Magazine

"Mining industry will continue to play a crucial role in driving sustainable economic growth in this country" said Mr.Geng Yi.


eutimes logo webAccording to Mr.Geng, Wanbao is committed to the communities and has been aware of the importance of skill building to local people, which will help promote sustainable development that will extend beyond the eventual decommissioning of the mine. This will also empower the villagers and their next generations and give them more skills and control over their lives, he said.

  In terms of environmental conservation, Mr.Geng says,the company undertakes its Monywa Copper projects in accordance with the international standards and good international practice.
"Maximizing shareholders' value has taken a backseat as our strategy shifts to maximizing stakeholders' value. We believe when our CSR approach truly benefits the local people, financial returns will follow naturally." Mr.Geng said.

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