Wanbao sends its Engineers out to do Community Engagement

consultation2"The only way for the future of all mining companies, is to make all their personnel, including their engineers go and engage with the local communities. Only then will they get a clear understanding of the impact we are having on our community and how best to mitigate it and help improve the livelihood of our hosts....the days of divorcing engineers and mining specialists from community work are over...this is a new era...a new era for Wanbao and for mining as a whole...we must listen to our communities..." Geng Yi, General Manager Myanmar Wanbao.


This week, a Wanbao team made of mining, mechanical and electrical engineers, as well as our community relations team members continued the community consultation programme we started last July 2013. The team has been given specialised training in community consultations over several months of workshops which sharpened their skills in responding to community questions and concerns. The team was led by Mr. Cao Desheng, head of Public relations at Wanbao and was observed by China-i, a British consultancy specialising in development and stakeholder risk management.


This was an excellent opportunity for all our team to meet villagers face to face, and listen to their concerns as well as introduce to them our new skills4lifeinitiative which we are introducing to those who have been impacted by the project. The initiative is still in its early stage as it needs to be shaped in consultation with the villagers. The scheme will revolve around assisting villagers with training and skill development and microloans if they wish to start small businesses.



Our team has consulted with the villages of Kyaw Phu Daing, Phaung Kar Tar, Tan Daw, Ywar Shay, Shwe Hlay, Palaung, Kutu Kone and Toan. They will also consult with many more over the next few weeks....not mentioning of course the many second and third visits they will be yes they are being kept very busy indeed!


Wanbao is also working towards making community consultations feedbacks filter through to management very quickly...more on that for a later web posting.

In the meanwhile.... If you are interested in what villagers talked about, please click on the following PDFs for more information.


pdf iconKyuat Pyu Daingpdf iconPaung Kar Tarpdf iconTan Daw

pdf iconShwe Hlay