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Scenes of Protest on Dec 22

Tuesday, 23 December 2014



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A painful and poignant moment for us all

Monday, 22 December 2014

We have just been informed of the death of a female resident from Moe Kyo Pyin village which is located in our surrounding community. On behalf of all at Wanbao we extend our deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences to her family and share in their grief at this difficult time. Our hearts and prayers are with her family. Today we have all lost a member of our extended Letpadaung family.

The events leading up to her death are still unclear. We understand the police were also at the scene, and we hope they will start investigating this tragic event.
This event is especially awful given the great turnaround in our relationship with our community. We have achieved amazing progress because we received popular approval for our project through two large community consultations carried out from May until November 2014.

What happened today is unfortunate for so many reasons- and especially unfortunate given how hard we and the villagers have worked together to get closer to one another and start building trust. We have only been able to commence construction because the vast majority of the people gave us the OK to proceed with the project.


You should know that 71% of consulted villagers in 35 villages have given us the green light to continue our project and they support it and that 91% of impacted villagers in 27 villages who were consulted through door to door consultations have also supported us. So we have achieved great strides in our community relationships. There is a great story of hope and reconciliation which you can read about in the (website). This is what makes this senseless death even more painful and poignant. The mining project is there to help people like the lady who has passed away.


Our hearts and prayers are with her family. We are unwavering in our commitment to peaceful dialogue, and we oppose any violent and dangerous activity that jeopardizes the safety of the villagers, the protestors, our staff or the police.


Official Press Release of Myanmar Wanbao

Monday, 22 December 2014

MWMCL Press Release
22nd December, 2014


Myanmar Wanbao to commence construction of Letpadaung project in agreement with the Myanmar Government and under its direction.

Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited (MWMCL) is pleased to announce that, under the direction of the Myanmar Government, the company will be extending its working area in the Letpadaung copper project to comply with requirements of its investment permit granted by the Myanmar Investment Commission.
Construction is proceeding as a result of broad community support for the project.

The company hopes that, with the commencement of construction, the Letpadaung project can reach "operational status" soon where the company can continue sharing the benefits of this project with its community and the whole of Myanmar.
Once the mine is operational, there are many sources of benefits from this project for the people of this region and the whole of the country such as:

— The country is estimated to have a direct economic benefit of USD 140 million per year in taxes, royalties, production share, and USD 150 million per year in terms of the local procurement. This will be used to help build this country further.

— Furthermore, 2% of the project's net profit will go towards community development.

— The investment in the people of the region, in their skills and in infrastructure will make Letpadaung and Sagaing Division an attractive destination for more foreign direct investment.


During the delay period of 2 years, MWMCL has not only complied with both the Investigation Commission's recommendations, and the direction of the Implementation Committee, but it has also has gone beyond them, in terms of its social and environmental responsibilities, and critically also in terms of its community consultations.
Social issues and community relationships.


MWMCL has engaged proactively with its community through numerous rounds of consultations and engagements, with advice from British social risk consultancy, China-i. We have taken to heart the Myanmar government's concept of "People Centred Development" and we are proud of putting this concept into action by placing our community at the centre of what we do.

We have carried out unprecedented extensive door-to-door consultations between Wanbao management and villagers for months on end. This public engagement process was transparent and open to anyone who wanted to provide input or raise concerns. This allowed us to get much closer to our community and listen to their needs. It allowed the company to forge close relationships which Wanbao hopes will become lifetime friendship.

Our numerous consultations have shown the community our commitment to them. And villagers have witnessed this also through the company's actions in response to their needs. Our neighbouring villages have seen that despite the project not being operational due to stoppages outside Wanbao's control, the company has been reaching out to them in every way it can. This is why the majority of them have given their full support to the project.




Wanbao supports“People Centred Development”

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

In the villages that surround Letpadaung copper project in central Myanmar, the effects of the social investments made by Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited ( "Myanmar Wanbao") are tangible. Myanmar Wanbao, together with the Myanmar Government and its Myanmar partners ME1 and MEHL, has married its community initiatives with Myanmar's development goals of "poverty alleviation", "inclusive growth" and "people-centred development".


Myanmar Wanbao is committed to the community, and the Letpadaung villagers have witnessed this through the company's actions. They have seen that despite the mine not being operational due to stoppages outside its control the mine has been reaching out to them in every way it can. This is why the majority of the people in the area have given their full support to the project.


Land Compensation and Subsidies

Since 2011, the partners of the Letpadaung project have paid three times of land compensation or subsidies to the villagers who had lost land in the project area.The criteria for the land compensation or subsidies was decided by the Myanmar government based on the Myanmar law and local market price for the land. The total amount of compensation and three times of subsidies is between 1,825,000Ks and 3,250,000Ks per acre depending on the type of land. The compensation plus the first subsidy is 100% claimed by the land-lost people. 66% of the total land-lost people have taken up second subsidies, which means the majority of villagers losing land are willing to release their land to the project.




Inclusive Growth to Help Communities Live “Better Lives”

Monday, 01 December 2014

At Myanmar Wanbao, we are committed to a good relationship with the communities that we live amongst.

This relationship begins with meeting our legal obligations, and grows from there to consideration of how we can assist and support the villagers, to live, as President U Thein Sein has put it, "better lives".

We have noticed that some members of the media seem confused about land compensation, subsidy, and the contribution payment. Accordingly, we would like to explain this in detail and we hope you have patience to read to the end.




ESIA Report in Myanmar Translation

Monday, 18 August 2014

Mining Operations have normal characteristics of changes on Landscapes, Environmental and Social Impacts and Community Health, but the valuable benefits of natural resources to its country is reliable, workable , sustainable and to have a sense of well-being to the people with a well-planned structure.


Letpaduang Copper Mine Project has been assessed and prepared by Knight Pie'sold of Australia, an international consulting organization on both advantages and disadvantages of the Project in the Construction, Operation and Closure Phases.


So you are warmly welcome to have a glimpse and perusal on " The Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Report " posted on our website with an aspect of collaboration to the achievement and improvement of our country, Myanmar.


Some words on the usage of Myanmar Language (Translation of ESIA Report) may be misunderstand , if any controversial occurs, please regard the original English version to be confirmed.

Please download the attachment of ESIA Report in Myanmar.

                                                                    pdf dowm


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