Given that 70% of Myanmar’s population suffer from “energy poverty” we have invested heavily in relieving our local communities from this hardship to achieve “shared prosperity”. We are very proud to say that the lives of almost 12,000 people in our community from 19 villages have been transformed by having electricity thanks to our investment of 590 million Kyats in the electricity projects.




In 2013, we invested 425 million Kyats in a 16-bed community hospital near Letpadaung project. It was handed over to the local government in July and has been in operation.





Road improvements are a way to connect villagers to one another and to make sure that they are safe for them, their livestock and cars to travel on. Connectivity is the route out of social and economic exclusion to a better tomorrow. We have invested 104 million Kyats in road repairing for 12 villages to facilitate the local villagers to travel.




In 2013, we invested 130 million Kyats in building Kindergatens for the resettled villages - the Whet Hmay-Kantaw and Sede-Zeedaw villages- and more 100 children have been admitted to receive pre-school education there.


Primary Schools


Education is not just a way to escape poverty; it is a way of fighting it and ensuring it never comes back. Education and learning empower people to transform their lives. In 2013, we invested a total of 274 million Kyats in building primary schools, libraries for 8 villages and more than 1200 students are beneficiaries. Besides, we have offered scholarships to more than 1,000 grade-ten or university students in local area in the past two years with an amount of 82 million Kyats. This is Sagaing’s and Myanmar’s future generation.


Drinking Water


Clean water is important for improving people’s health and livelihoods. We have provided clean and safe drinking water to more than 5,000 people from 10 villages by investing 160 million kyats.


Mobile Clinic


We are proud to have two mobile clinic teams to provide free medical services to the 50 villages around the project area. They treat around 3,000 people per month and have already offered over 80,000 free medical treatments since its inception. Our mine-town hospital offers special regular medical care to expecting mothers as well as regular follow-up check-ups for mother and child.


Irrigation Project


In 2013, we donated 170 million Kyats to the regional government to help construct the irrigation channel from Chin Dwin River and around 10 villages benefit from this project.


SME Projects

1.Construction Team



2.Wood processing team



3.Well-digging team



4.Transportation team



5.Pre-cast plant



6.Brick Plant



7. Cement pipe plant






We are promoting the first seeds of industrialisation in its community through the creation of forward and backward linkages from the mine. It is nurturing local small and medium enterprises in the community through its “pro-poor” procurement process. We believe that SMEs, when properly nurtured and supported, can be the source of economic security, balanced growth and inclusive development. So we have helped impacted villagers set up SMES in the food (agricultural), transport and construction sectors and these SMEs are thriving with our support – the transportation village contractors already have 26 trucks and they have started working with other clients. Local villagers have also set up a bricks factory, a concrete pipe factory, a pre-cast concrete slab factory and many more. We are committed to nurturing the SMEs through targeted procurement, capacity, building and advice where applicable.