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How will the rehabilitation be conducted after the mine closure?

In order to better protect the Project area environment, the Conceptual Mine Closure Plan has been formulated by Knight PiƩsold PTY. Ltd.
The closure design will ensure that the risk of harm to humans, fauna or domestic animals is reduced as far as reasonably practicable.

Measures will also be included to:

  1. Reduce the likelihood of contamination of groundwater or surface water by the mine pit after closure. Cover systems are an integral design component for the successful reclamation and closure of the Project.


  2. All structures shall be removed;


  3. All waste shall be buried at least three metres below a finished surface;


  4. Concrete should be broken up and buried;


  5. All batters should be flattened to at least a 1V:4H slope for public safety;


  6. All areas should be ripped, scarified, topsoiled and then seeded to encourage vegetated cover, unless otherwise agreed with the local community.


After mine closure, the land-use and surface water management planning are shown in the following figure.