Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited

There is always something happening in the day to today life of a mine, and ours is no exception. Here we publish the most up to date information about the mine's operation and share our deepening involvement with the people of Myanmar.
We will chronicle the story of our commitment to being a good neighbour and significant actor in Myanmar's development and growth. Some stories will also be of an operational nature, such as targets and achievements, because we want the people of Myanmar to be kept abreast of the state of our progress. Please visit us here again soon and often! Go here to our latest news section

Myanmar Wanbao

Our company Myanmar Wanbao is a vibrant company that is a world leader in copper mining, extraction and copper plate production. We live in a world where copper is ubiquitous. It is an important component in practically every piece of technology that makes our daily life possible. Copper is in your mobile phones, in your kitchen and your hairdryer, it also enables planes and ships to function.
We are proud to work in Myanmar and work with its people to produce copper, using methods that are ethically and environmentally responsible. In this, the people of Myanmar are our partners and our close neighbours with whom we live as part of one big village.
Even though we were founded in 2011, we have projects all over the world with our headquarters located in Beijing. We hope to carry out construction and enter full production of the Letpadaung deposit by 2015. We have much work to do! Read all

Responsible Mining

In Wanbao, our values are at the heart of our mission. To mine in an environmentally and ethically responsible manner is a cornerstone of our values system. This is all part of the duty of care which we have for the people of Myanmar and which we take very seriously. Here will share with you the steps we take to live up to our commitments to people and environment, such our management of resources to mitigate or eliminate any impact our work on our surrounding area and ecosystem.
Needless to say, we strive to consult with the local people on all aspects of our work that affects them and you will find here news of such consultations. Read more.

Our CSR Projects

To best benefit the people of Myanmar, we are always working to align our Corporate Social Responsibility work with their needs. In this we are guided by Myanmar’s development goals as spelled out in the 2013 “Framework for Economic and Social Reforms” (FESR) report. We were also inspired and informed by Myanmar’s National Comprehensive Development Plan (NCDP). At the heart of these documents is the crucial emphasis on people driven development for job creation and for poverty reduction.
But our CSR work doesn't stop there. We know how important it is for the people of Myanmar to work towards achieving their Millennium Development Goals, in key areas such health and children’s education. We are constantly listening to the people to ensure that we put our work and resources where their needs are. Read more about our CSR projects

Working With Us

At Myanmar Wanbao, creating employment for the local people is one of the main tenets of our business strategy. We are constantly looking for local people to train so that they may join our varied and highly professional work force. As we start our construction work and move towards full operation, our employment needs with increase and become more varied. Please come and visit us here often to see the latest offers. We very look forward to working with you in the near future. Join Wanbao Tenders