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New CSR Report and Progress Report

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Myanmar Wanbao shares our honorable activites to the public as our CSR Report of Year 2015-2016 and Progress Report of the project.


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Press Statement

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

A group of 60 protesters came to the mine site on Friday the 6th of May, protesting against this project.
Myanmar Wanbao believes that peaceful dialogue is key to resolving all issues. This is especially true as peaceful dialogue and community consultations has led to the social acceptance of this project. We have overwhelming support for this project for a number of reasons, chief among them is the community consultations we have carried since late 2013 which have allowed us to forge wonderful relationships based on respect, understanding and openness with our community. This has allowed us to regain our social license; with 71% of land-lost villagers accepting our second subsidy and 83% among 35 villagers who were consulted accepting our contribution plan.We know that a very small minority are still opposing this project, despite attempts at numerous rounds of engagement with them which they have rejected. If they accepted our offers of real dialogue they would have learnt from us directly how we have followed the recommendations of the Investigation Commission and have applied them rigorously, in terms of land subsidies, contribution plan, environmental monitoring, job creation, and SME development. We are saddened that a small group of people see disruption and anger as a way to bring attention to their views. Myanmar Wanbao ratifies peaceful dialogue as the only way to achieve continued social harmony and sustainable development. We ask this small group of protesters, that even if they go against the wishes of the vast majority of the villagers, to do so peacefully. We encourage all parties to act responsibly and exercise restraint. This mine is one major Myanmar national project and all of us together are its custodians to help build Myanmar to achieve its full potential.
We believe in constructive engagement. As this is a national project, and one that is of importance to the development of this great country, we and the overwhelming majority of the people of our community share in the desire for this project to succeed and to go from strength to strength.


Rescue Efforts Thwarted by Activists

Monday, 03 August 2015

We are shocked that a handful of activists attempted to thwart our efforts to rescue the flood-hit people nearby the Letpadaung copper project. At 2:30 pm this afternoon when Wanbao employees carried packed rice and drinking water to villagers who were anxious for aid, they were stopped by a handful of extremists who are active in the Toan villages to protest our Letpadaung copper project with political motivations. They blocked our vehicles driving to the flood-hit villages and trying to hit and intimidate our young translators. Because of the blockade, we had to withdraw and leave all of the food we cooked and also the drinking water in the nearby Sede-Zeedaw New Village.

We condemn the violent acts that took place at such a difficult time that over 5,000 flood-hit people need aid in the 10-plus villages nearby the Letpadaung project. At the same time, we are worried how the flood-striken people in the hardest-hit Shwe Hlay, Toan and Whet Hmay-Kantaw New Villages spent a day and night without any food and water, particularly those elder people and children? If such violent actions keep going and external aid is not allowed to come in, how can the flood-hit people embrace a bright tomorrow? We care about them a lot.


We know that the majority villagers in this community, who have become our family and friends, have not participated in violent acts against Wanbao employees; on the contrary, we know that our community deplores such actions, and that they deplore extremists are causing such disturbances and violence.


We strongly believe anybody is not allowed to stop the humanitarian assistance for any reason at a disastrous time. Also, we don't hope a handful of extremists kidnapped majority of disaster-hit people who are in urgent need of aid.


Our Hearts are with the Flood-hit Villagers

Monday, 03 August 2015

01The long-lasting downpours in Monywar areas since mid-July resulted in the sharp rise of the water level of the nearby Chindwin River and more than 2500 households of 10-plus villages near the Letpadaung copper project have been flooded since July 31,2015.


Myanmar Wanbao sent out the rescue team in the first time that the flood of Chindwinriver hit the villages, among which ShweHlay, Toan, Balaung, Whet Hamy/Kantaw New Villages are hardest hit because they are in lower area close to the Chindwin River. Local people said they are used to flood in raining season, but this year's severe rains in the whole Saigaign Region, particularly the upper reach of the Chindwin river, increased the water level and hence they suffered most in this year.



Over 1.2 Billion Paid for the Contributions

Sunday, 26 July 2015

contributionSince Myanmar Wanbao commenced the contribution plan in July 2014, 764 impacted people in the Lepadaung project area have been paid the annual contributions, which has amounted to 1,231,569,140 kyats in total.


The contribution plan was created by Myanmar Wanbao to safeguard the livelihood and wellbeing of its community in the long term, even though it has met its legal requirements and has paid compensation and subsidies to the landholders in separate 3 times.


Since July 2014, the company, together with its Myanmar partners and supervised by the Myanmar government, has created an annual Contribution payment to all the land-lost villagers between USD70 and USD160 per month depending on the number of jobs they are entitled to have because of land loss. Land-lost villagers had originally been promised jobs by Myanmar Wanbao (the numbers of which were dependent on how much land was given to the project), however, due to the stoppages the company was unable to provide jobs through no fault of its own. So the contribution payment are given regular cash payments every 6 months until a job materializes. This ensures that the land-lost villagers have the peace of mind that their basic livelihoods needs are met whilst they wait for a job to materialize.


This was done through extensive consultations and with the participation of the villagers. It included unprecedented extensive door-to-door consultations for months. The majority of land-lost villagers have accepted the contribution plan.


Mobile Clinic Treats 110,000 Patients

Sunday, 26 July 2015

We are proud that our mobile clinic team has had 110,000 treatments of the patients in the villages impacted by Monywar copper project.

The mobile clinic team, which is composed of doctors and nurses from Yangon  International Clinic and contracted by Myanmar Wanbao and Myanmae Yangtse, was set up in early 2013 for the purpose of providing medical services for the project affected villages which have little or no access to healthcare free of charge. The mobile clinic team treats 3,000 people per month. Myanmar Yang Tse's Mine Town Hospital has also provided a healthcare program to pregnant women and children under five years old within five miles for more than ten years free of charge. In the rainy season from July to September, the doctors will have health talk with villagers to popularize the knowledge of illness prevention.

As part of our efforts to promote the community and social development, in 2014, we donated a 16-bed community hospital by injecting 425 million kyats to increase medical services for the local people. The hospital was handed over to the local government and start operation in July 2014.



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