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Wanbao sends its Engineers out to do Community Engagement

Sunday, 18 May 2014

consultation2"The only way for the future of all mining companies, is to make all their personnel, including their engineers go and engage with the local communities. Only then will they get a clear understanding of the impact we are having on our community and how best to mitigate it and help improve the livelihood of our hosts....the days of divorcing engineers and mining specialists from community work are over...this is a new era...a new era for Wanbao and for mining as a whole...we must listen to our communities..." Geng Yi, General Manager Myanmar Wanbao.


This week, a Wanbao team made of mining, mechanical and electrical engineers, as well as our community relations team members continued the community consultation programme we started last July 2013. The team has been given specialised training in community consultations over several months of workshops which sharpened their skills in responding to community questions and concerns. The team was led by Mr. Cao Desheng, head of Public relations at Wanbao and was observed by China-i, a British consultancy specialising in development and stakeholder risk management.



European Times Magazine's Interview Description

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Excerpts from the interview of Mr Geng Yi, Managing Director of Myanmar Wanbao and Chairman of Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Mining by the European Times Magazine

"Mining industry will continue to play a crucial role in driving sustainable economic growth in this country" said Mr.Geng Yi.


eutimes logo webAccording to Mr.Geng, Wanbao is committed to the communities and has been aware of the importance of skill building to local people, which will help promote sustainable development that will extend beyond the eventual decommissioning of the mine. This will also empower the villagers and their next generations and give them more skills and control over their lives, he said.

  In terms of environmental conservation, Mr.Geng says,the company undertakes its Monywa Copper projects in accordance with the international standards and good international practice.
"Maximizing shareholders' value has taken a backseat as our strategy shifts to maximizing stakeholders' value. We believe when our CSR approach truly benefits the local people, financial returns will follow naturally." Mr.Geng said.

Please download the attachment of full interview description.

pdf iconEU Times Interview


Reply from Myanmar Wanbao to Trainees

Wednesday, 02 April 2014

On March 29,2014, the HR Department of Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited (MWMCL)

released a statement to (Junior Operators) on-the-job trainees.

Please download the attachment.

pdf iconReply from wanbao


Reply from Knight Piésold

Friday, 28 March 2014

kp logo


 On March 20, Knight Piésold (KP) replied about Letpadaung copper mine project.


 Please download the below attachment.

pdf iconKP's letter




Explanation of ESIA Report and Transfer of “Taung Gyar” sacred conventional hall and Pagoda

Monday, 24 March 2014


On 2014 March 21, Mr. Geng Yi , Managing Director of Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited(MWMCL), accepted an interview of Kumudra Journal (a local media) and answered for clarification  that regards with the recent conditions on ESIA report which has reported on a local media. (Extracted from the interview)

Please download the below PDF.

Letpadaung to be a Model Project of Sustainable Development

Thursday, 13 March 2014

mr gengyi meeting2We strive for the sustainable developent based on the caring of "People, Planet and Profit".

We are keen to make the Letpadaung project

"as transparent as clear water".


This is a clear message that Mr Geng Yi, Managing Director of Myanmar Wanbao, made at a China-Myanmar non-governmental exchange meeting in Yangon on March 13, 2014.

Mr Geng also called on the government, partners, communities and related stakeholders to assume their own responsibilities to move on the Letpadaung project, which is still at a stalemate due to disruptions.




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