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Inclusive Growth to Help Communities Live “Better Lives”

Monday, 01 December 2014

At Myanmar Wanbao, we are committed to a good relationship with the communities that we live amongst.

This relationship begins with meeting our legal obligations, and grows from there to consideration of how we can assist and support the villagers, to live, as President U Thein Sein has put it, "better lives".

We have noticed that some members of the media seem confused about land compensation, subsidy, and the contribution payment. Accordingly, we would like to explain this in detail and we hope you have patience to read to the end.




ESIA Report in Myanmar Translation

Monday, 18 August 2014

Mining Operations have normal characteristics of changes on Landscapes, Environmental and Social Impacts and Community Health, but the valuable benefits of natural resources to its country is reliable, workable , sustainable and to have a sense of well-being to the people with a well-planned structure.


Letpaduang Copper Mine Project has been assessed and prepared by Knight Pie'sold of Australia, an international consulting organization on both advantages and disadvantages of the Project in the Construction, Operation and Closure Phases.


So you are warmly welcome to have a glimpse and perusal on " The Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Report " posted on our website with an aspect of collaboration to the achievement and improvement of our country, Myanmar.


Some words on the usage of Myanmar Language (Translation of ESIA Report) may be misunderstand , if any controversial occurs, please regard the original English version to be confirmed.

Please download the attachment of ESIA Report in Myanmar.

                                                                    pdf dowm


Myanmar Wanbao releases the final draft of ESIA Report

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The ESIA report of Letpaduang Copper Mine Project is drafted by Knight Pie'sold Consulting, an Austalia-based organization.


We keep on striving our effort for the announcement to the public of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, both in English and Myanmar.


The Letpadaung copper mine project will play as a role model in environmental conservation sector of the Union of Myanmar.


Please view and download at:

 pdf dowmpdf dowmpdf dowmpdf dowmpdf dowmpdf dowmpdf dowmpdf dowmpdf dowmpdf dowm

pdf dowmpdf dowmpdf dowmpdf dowmpdf dowmpdf dowmpdf dowmpdf dowmpdf dowmpdf dowm





Social Risk Management:A Social License for Responsible Mining

Thursday, 29 May 2014


Wanbao management has been well aware that social risk management is the social license to responsible mining operation. That's why Wanbao volunteers for community and social development reach out for the villagers surrounding the Letpadaung mine to listen to their needs and try to address their concerns. Over 20 villages have been visited since May 12, 2014. This is the continuous village consultations done by us following the similar activities respectively in March and September 2013.




On the Job Trainees: Wanbao’s Statement

Wednesday, 28 May 2014




The On the Job Training Program was initiated to help relieve the jobs problem surrounding the mine as well as build the necessary skills which would assist villagers to acquire working positions during the production phase of the mine. Wanbao wanted to hire as many people as possible going forward from the impacted villagers but the company had identified early that individuals who did not have the requisite skills to help them benefit from its construction phase. So we initiated a 5- month On the Job Training Program to address elements of this problem. The aim was that, as soon as the trainees completed their training and passed their tests successfully, they would then be given a contract and join Wanbao's labour pool starting at Grade 9, with $USD120/month starting salary, and enjoy the same benefits including promotions etc as all other Wanbao staff.



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